New Political Leaders In The African American Community

As President Obama goes into his second term, there are plenty of political leaders starting to emerge for the four years ahead and the years after. Here is a list of new political leaders in the African American community for 2013.

Valerie Jarrett is the senior adviser to the president and admirably takes in the slack over criticism at the lack of minorities and women in senior roles.

Rob Nabors is the White House director of legislative affairs and he holds a key role in fiscal planning and debt management.

Racquel Russel is the deputy assistant to the president for urban affairs and economic mobility. Her role is important for constructing solutions to policies involving African Americans.

Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick was one of Obama's most effective campaigners during his reelection bid.

Eric Holder is the current attorney general and obviously holds an important role in enforcing legal policies for the new administration.

Mia Love was a congressional candidate for the state of Utah and although she did not win her bid for election, she is definitely going to be a leader to watch as she helps the Republican party diversify its image.

The Top Historically Black Colleges And Universities

There are currently over 100 historically black colleges and universities in the United States. A few of these institutions were created before the Civil War, but most were created a short time after the war's conclusion. Some of these schools are among the very best in educational quality.

Howard University is located in Washington, D.C. This university was created in 1867, and it is named in honor of General Oliver Howard. The current enrollment at Howard is just over 10,000 students. Howard University has well-known programs in medicine and law.

Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia is a women's college that was founded in 1881. They have a current enrollment of 2,170 students. It is one of the top rated liberal arts colleges in the United States. This school has noted programs in the sciences and women's studies.

Morehouse College was originally established in 1867 as a theological training institution for men. It is now a full-scale liberal arts college with an enrollment of nearly 2,500. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is famous Morehouse alumni.

Marketing Home Security to African Americans

Equality has always been the profound motivator when it comes to African American culture and civil rights, but one can't deny the personalized advertising tricks that are used. For example, there are tons of home security providers out there like and many others that are pretty big name. And these, for the most part, have pretty standard marketing approaches.

However, do a search on some of the smaller competitors out there and you'll note a distinct difference in the way something like home security is marketed to the family. When aimed at the stereotypical Caucasian family of North America, home security can be pitched as a sign of status and peace of mind. However, some security providers, have targeted African American families with false and stereotypical assumptions that they need home security because they live in the inner city or are in low-income areas.

As most people who read this site know, these trite and under-evolved stereotypes are neither correct nor progressive for this day and age. And, sure, while this type of marketing seems to have fallen by the wayside, time and time again you see rare and sporadic recurrences of these very strange and very unproductive marketing measures.

The Significance Of The Million Man March

On October 16, 1995, over 1.5 million African American men from across the United States traveled to Washington, D.C. in order to march on the city's National Mall. This demonstration, dubbed the Million Man March, is often cited as one of, if not the, most important modern events in the African American civil rights movement. Scores of civil rights organizations, most notably the National African American Leadership Summit, the Nation of Islam, and chapters of NAACP, worked in tandem to transform the idea of solidarity into a physical reality. The Million Man March created a significant shift in the national attention of issues plaguing urban environments and minorities. Its purpose was to reclaim the image of the Black male and to unite the African American community in self-help and self-defense against continuing economic woes and social ills. The Million Man March lasted from 6 in the morning until well into the evening. It remains the largest gathering of its kind and authorities report that over 1.7 million African men registered to vote in response to the event. Today, the Million Man March is remembered as a historical showing of solidarity, inspiring future progress in the modern civil rights movement.

The Best African American History Museums To Visit

There are many African American History museums to visit across the United States. These museums celebrate the culture of African Americans and their history involved within the United States.

Birmingham Museum of Art:
This museum celebrates the Civil Rights Movement and the involvement of African American's gaining their freedoms and rights from the United States during a time of repression against them.

Rosa Parks Museum:
This museum honors one of the most iconic woman from the Civil Rights Movement. There are many leaders of the movement found in this museum as well that are recognized for their bravery during that time.Is this new to you? Catch up here

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center:
This museum celebrates the nine African American children called "The Little Rock Nine." These children attempted to attend an all white school and were faced with prejudice and discrimination from a number of whites. These children did not give up their fight though and they are still recognized today for their bold actions.

California African American Museum:
This museum celebrates the achievements of all African Americans throughout history. The museum is a huge reflection of how far African Americans have come despite the hardships they have faced in the past.

African American Museum and Library at Oakland:
This museum contains a huge amount of resources and information on African American history. Beautiful artwork by African American painters can also be found here.

Increasing The Number Of Blacks In Politics

Government is a mighty force in society and African Americans are underrepresented in governmental leadership. Although the president of the United states is African American, many of the political colleagues that he works with daily are not African American. Increasing the number of Blacks in politics is no easy task. Having a history of governmental oppression, makes many Black people weary of politics and political institutions. As such increasing the number of Black people who are an aspect of the political arena is a challenge. African Americans have to first understand that they have the ability and the power to be a force in politics, Black people must also understand that without their input many of the issues confronting the African American community can not be solved.Increased participation in politics for Black people starts at the grass roots level by encouraging people to vote and to attend public meetings in their communities. People in the community simply need to know that participating in the political process is the only way that clear and distinct changes will be made. Greater participation in the political process is something that Black people can do if they are encouraged and given the proper tools.

Voter Registration Events For The African American Youth

While voter registration figures are not as high in the United States as in other democratic countries, participation rates amongst African American voters is particularly bad. In order to increase the participation of African Americans in the voting process, voter registration events have been prepared by individuals who are looking to motivate African Americans, in particular African American Youth, to register to and to actually vote. The goal is to get them involved in the voting process so they pursue their rights as an American.

Try looking up Voter Registration Events For The African American Youth in your location and see if you can assist organizers in attracting voters. Many colleges handle these events in an attempt to increase interest. Some musicians take part to attract a wider audience. In some ways, they use this as a way of giving back to the communities from where they have come from.

Many southern campuses organize African American voter registration programs to attract black voters to their ideology and others try to just get voters in the hopes of increasing their parties membership. Either way, voter registration is an important issue facing African American youths today and it is a good idea to get involved in the cause.

Getting More African American Members Into The Senate

Currently there are no Black members of the United States Senate. In fact, there have only been six Black senators in the history of the Senate. Although there are many Black state senators, winning election for the United States Senate seems to be an impossible task. Getting more African American Senators is contingent upon ensuring that more African Americans run for Senate.

Black politicians have to begin to make the right connections so that they can get the proper support when running for Senate. These connections can be obtained through attending the right schools and the proper social events. For instance four of the six Black Senators have law degrees. In addition, the majority of currently serving Senators are lawyers. Additionally, all of the members of the current Senate have at least a bachelors degree. However, African Americans are underrepresented in both undergraduate programs and law schools throughout the country. This is particularly true of Black men.

With these things understood, a greater emphasis must be placed on obtaining the proper education so that the correct doors can be opened for Blacks who wish to become senators. Getting more African Americans into the Senate appears to be a matter of attaining and exploiting the proper Academic credentials.

How The Civil Rights Movement Affected African Americans

The Civil Rights Movement was a significant aspect of American History. In many ways the Civil Rights Movement had a positive effect on the African American community as it pertains to gaining inequality in different aspects of society including education, voting, and equal access to public facilities. The Civil Rights Movement was a serious representation of what a community could accomplish by working together and persevering. The movement still lingers as a source of pride in the African American Community and throughout the African Diaspora.

However, in addition to the positive impact that the Civil Rights Movement had on African Americans, the movement was also costly. For instance, the Civil Rights movement cost African Americans some of its greatest leaders including Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers. In addition, there were many other young people who were killed and maimed as a direct result of the movement. The emotional and psychological toll that the Civil Rights Movement had on the African American Community has not been fully measured or understood. One thing is certain, the Civil Rights Movement costs Black people something that has not quite been recovered. The Movement was not free but it was worth the gains that have been achieved.